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This is a versatile little prop that will make items vanish, appear, or transform. It is a small plastic tube about two inches long and an inch in diameter. The magician can pour a sugar packet into the tube, place the cap onto the tube, and a moment later when the cap is removed, a sugar cube is poured out! For a different effect, a number of short pieces of thread are balled together and placed into the tube. The tube is capped and shaken up and down several times. When the cap is removed, the ball of thread is poured out into the spectator’s hand and the thread has restored into one long length! The magician can fold a dollar bill and place it into the tube. After the lid is closed and then reopened, the bill may be changed into water, or confetti, or dimes, or even a steel ball bearing! The uses of this simple gem are limited only by the performer’s imagination.  002ATTAFMAGICTUBE


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