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From a red backed deck of Bicycle poker-sized playing cards, the performer removes one card and places it in plain view of the audience. The spectator, seated behind the performer and not seeing the performer’s prediction, selects a second card from a blue backed deck. The audience chuckles however because unlike the spectator, the audience can see that the second deck of cards are all duplicates of the magician’s card. However when the spectator names out loud the card they have selected, the spectator’s selection is not the same as the magician’s prediction! Is this a case of a trick gone wrong? No indeed, because when the performer turns around his chosen card, it now magically matches the spectator’s card! The outfit comes complete with two decks of gaffed playing cards and complete instructions. This is great comedy that packs small and plays big. 007NUFHA00405


SKU: 007NUFHA00405
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