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Resting upon a small four-legged table is a cubical box. The lid of the box is removed or hinged-back, and the four sides of the box are hinged down to reveal a second cabinet. This inner cabinet is shown empty and then put back in place. The four sides of the outer box are then hinged back up, the illusion spun around 360°, the boxes reopened and an assistant makes her appearance!


The presentation of the illusion is straightforward and simple. It is indeed as Paul Osborne has written, "a versatile illusion that can be performed surrounded, and in the worst possible conditions." We have designed several different variations of this utility illusion and even wrote an article about the prop that was published in THE ILLUSIONIST magazine several years ago. Functional, realistic, and a joy to perform, the Mignon illusion is a great addition to any performance.

MIGNON - $6500

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