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The Linking Ropes are a classic in magic. The basic effect is that three ropes are tied into individual circles. Suddenly the three rope rings link together and then just as mysteriously, link back apart! This verision of the great E. J. Moore effect has an added climax however. Suddenly the three rings of rope turn into a single big ring of rope having three knots! But wait, there's more! The magician blows on the first knot and it falls to the ground. A blow on the second knot and it also falls to the ground. The third knot is untied to show the ropes have melted together into one long piece! This is a great effect, very visual for the living room or the stage, and it packs small and plays big! The effect is made of high quality cotton red rope and online instructions are supplied. 0003RUMMIRACLELINKINGROPE


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