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After a brief talk about the mystical powers of Egyptian pyramids, the magician displays a table with a skeletal pyramid frame. Attached to the underside apex of the frame is a light that is turned on to show the emptiness of the pyramid. Next four mirrored plastic sides are placed onto the frame to enclose the pyramid. The audience can still see the emptiness of the pyramid due to the light shining inside. Slowly the light dims, which turns the pyramid into an opaque mirror-like structure. The illusion is revolved, the front mirrored pyramid side is whipped away, and inside sits a beautiful Egyptian maiden!


This is a incredible effect that utilizes the wonderful base design attributed to Alan Wakeling. The pyramid skeleton and base trim is made of architectural grade aluminum, and it has been hand polished to a chrome finish. The plastic pyramid sides are made of quarter inch thick mirrored Plexigrass, and the base is covered with a rubber matting material. Both the legs of the table and the skeletal framework can be easily detached to make the illusion flat for packing. This prop is very deceptive and it doesn't look like there is anywhere a person could be hiding. It is a beautiful prop that few laymen and few in the magic world have ever seen. Be one of the first to perform this refreshingly new illusion.


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