The magician takes three silk handkerchiefs and puts them into his change bag. He “accidentially” drops the blue handkerchief. hE exclaims that it is now dirty, “I guess I blew it!” He sets the blue hank aside. When the magician reaches back into his change bag, an American flag is produced but it is missing the blue color! The magician puts the improperly blended flag and the blue hank into the bag and a moment later removes an American flag. The flag is still mismade however because the red is where the blue is supposed to be! The flag is returned to the bag one more time and a proper American Flag makes its appearance! This find set of silk hanks and flags comes with complete instructions. They are well-made. Instead of a change bag, any apparatus can be used that will change one item for another. Flags are approximately 14" x 21" and made out of pure silk. Well made. 0051RUMGOMISMADEFLAG_14X21





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