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This is the undisputed bible of coin magic, and one of the world's most important magic books. Coin magic can be performed anytime, anywhere, and usually on the spur of the moment. The best feats of the world's expert coin workers can be yours. Coins are normal everyday objects that have automatic appeal. This book was written by the late J. B. Bobo who drew upon his vast experience of many years. John Braun, editor of The Linking Ring, worked elbow to elbow with Bobo editing the text, and Nelson Hahne, Magic's foremost illustrator amplified the sleights and tricks with clear-cut drawings. Every great name in coin magic is represented. The book features the finest paper, typesetting, binding, and materials. This is the often out of print hardbound edition with 544 pages, 422 tricks and sleights, and 669 illustrations. Highly recommended. 0072MMNEWMODERN


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