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Asking for the bravest volunteer in the audience and enticing him onstage, a huge six-foot tall replica of the device that would make Dr. Guillotine proud is wheeled into view. The stocks of the hideous device are unlatched and the magician lays a carrot onto the larger neck opening. The blade is dropped and the carrot is resoundingly destroyed in half.


Next the volunteer is coerced to kneel down behind the device into a "praying position." The magician latches the upper stocks around the volunteer's neck to help him keep from "changing his mind." Two carrots are placed into the chopper, one through each smaller hole on each side of the volunteer's neck. Again the blade comes crashing down, and after their initial scream, the audience sees that the two carrots have been sliced in half. However the volunteer is unharmed despite seeing blade through the carrot holes and a tip of the blade extending below the stock. The blade is raised and the volunteer is released unharmed!


This classic prop is the sister of Abbott classic Giant Guillotine illusion and was invented by none other than the famous Lester "Marvello" Lake. The whole prop is built out of the finest birch luan, and then laminated with wood-grained formic type laminate to withstand scratches and abrasions. The wheeled wing feet come off and the guillotine itself unlatches and folds in half for ease in transport. Traditionally a "pain in the neck" to perform, this is a beautiful illusion that is easy to "execute" and has built-in comedy that has delighted audiences for generations. 


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