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There has probably never been a more successful magic act that the legendary Marvyn Roy and Carol as Mr. Electric. They performed their act for over 40 years, appearing at Radio City Music Hall, the London Palladium, The Latin Quarter, Gorki Park in Moscow, and on the Ed Sullivan Show. With their acclaimed light bulb act, and later as the Diamond Illusionist, they traveled for years with the Liberace show.


Now gone, we are fortunate to have the Roy dynasty chronicled in book form for the preservation of this incredible duo’s history. Before his demise, Marvyn put his entire magical life into book form. Beginning with his early success as Marvyn the Silk Merchant and winning awards as a teenager at the PCAM conventions, to the time he spent working behind the counter at Floyd Thayer's Studio, to the development of his world famous act and subsequent climb to the highest rung of the show business ladder. It is a story that only Marvyn could tell and you will recognize many familiar faces along the way.

This book is now rare and it is very hard to find. We have one copy left in our Illusion Warehouse, brand new in shrink wrap. The book is highly sought after and its value continues to appreciate. Get it while you can! US Media Mail shipping is included. 001CBMMRELECTRIC


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