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The magician displays a small drinking glass and a bottle of “Croak Cola,” the beverage of champions worldwide! Two metal ornate tubes are shown empty, and the bottle is covered by one tube and the glass with the other tube. With a snap of the fingers, the magician raises the tubes and the bottle and glass have changed places! The bottle and tube are once again covered, and just like magic that bottle and glass once again change places.


Then the magician proceeds to do the amazing trick again and apparently “goofs.” He lifts up the tubes and there are two bottles and no glasses! The magician quickly realizes his mistake and as quickly as possible covers the bottles again with the tubes. Yikes! However it is too late. The damage has been done.


The magician pulls one of the extra bottles out of one of the tubes and sets it aside. However to the amazement of the audience, once again the magician is able to do the bottle/glass transformation. The bottle travels to the tube where the glass was, and the glass travels to the tube where the bottle was. Humm.


But yet again when the magician raises one of the tubes there is an extra bottle, which of course is removed and set aside. This comical production of “too many bottles” continues until the table is filled with a whopping eight bottles and the two tubes.


This trick is traditionally made with the Martini labels. However that means the trick is probably not the most suitable effect for family audiences. We here at the Illusion Warehouse have replaced the Martini trademark with our own frog-like “Croak Cola” label! This makes the outfit suitable for audiences of all ages.


This wonderful set comes with beautifully made spun metal bottles and covers with powder coating type pain to really last. This is an excellent set of bottles at a very fair price. Instructions included. And remember, our price includes USA shipping!  0062RAHMULTBOTTLECROAK


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