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Sometimes the simpliest and least expensive magic is the best. This may very well be the case with “Papa Rabbit Goes to Town!” Sometimes also called "sponge bunnies," the magician displays two small sponge bunnies, a mama rabbit and a papa rabbit. One of the bunnies is placed in the magician’s hand and one is place in a spectator’s hand. The rabbit in the magician’s hand disappears and reappears in the spectator’s hand along with the mama rabbit! Both rabbits are placed in the spectator’s hand and the papa rabbit is commanded to jump back to the magician’s hand. When the spectator’s hand is opened, papa rabbit has not only failed to disappear, but now there are also a whole family of baby bunnies! Girls usually scream with laughter! The trick is easy to do and uses simple "sponge ball" type sleights to make it work. Great magic at a small price. 0001NUF GO00920


SKU: 0001NUFGO00920
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