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The Multum in Parvo magic trick (Latin for “Much in Little”) has been around for a long time. There have been many different makes and models of this fine effect, and this one is one of the best made ever! 

The magician displays four drinking glasses. Each glass is a bit smaller than the other. The largest glass is full of milk or other opaque liquid. The magician proceeds to pour the big glass of liquid into the next smaller size glass and the smaller glass does not overflow! How is this possible?

If that isn’t enough, the liquid from the second glass is poured into the third smaller glass. Still no overflow! Lastly the liquid from this third smallest glass is poured into the small shot glass! Amazing!
Or for a variation, the magician can perform the trick in reverse. 

These glasses are finely made of Polycarbonate. With proper care, they should last a lifetime! The effect is easy to do and a real fooler! Remember, our price INCLUDES shipping! 0093RUMMULTPARVPRO


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