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The magician displays a tall upright cabinet. He turns the cabinet all the way around to show all sides of the illusion. He hinges open the front door to reveal an ornate breastplate. Next this is opened to show the empty interior of the cabinet. The magician then opens the rear of the cabinet and can walk all the way through the illusion to prove the cabinet's emptiness. The back door, breastplate, and front door are closed, and the cabinet can be revolved once more. Upon re-opening the cabinet, the production of a person is revealed!


This is a dynamite classic illusion can be modified in a variety of ways to project the motif and style of a magician's act. The illusion can be constructed solid, or can be made to break apart for packing. It is remarkably easy to do and is a great way to produce the company dignitary or corporate executive. The photos reveal several different models of this illusion that have been built by Chadwick Illusion Fabrications. 

MUMMY CASE - $7000

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