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The magician displays three beautifully made hand carved wooden female mummies. Each mummy is a different color; white, brown and black. He also displays a wooden sarcophagus coffin (pine box) complete with lid. The magician turns his back and a spectator is asked to place one of the colored mummies into the coffin, close the lid, and pocket or otherwise move the other two mummies out of sight from the magician. The magician turns to the audience and immediately he can name which colored mummy is in the box! The magicain does not touch the coffin, nor go near it. This great item is usually cheaply made of plastic with questionable workmanship and quality. The Illusion Warehouse is proud to introduce this professional model that is fine in every respect. The craftsmanship is exquisite, and the secret working is subtle. Everything is professionally made and comes complete with the three hand carved mummies, coffin, and instructions. This is definitely a collector’s item and gorgeous in every respect. 0082KIDRAHMUMMYMYSTERY


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