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The magician displays a bright plastic ball about two inches in diameter. Threaded through the ball is a cord with handles on each end. Spectators can examine the ball and pull the cord back and forth freely through the ball. The magician takes the ball and cord, stretches out the cord vertically, and the ball is now somehow suspended at the top of the cord. Suddenly the magician has control of how the ball moves up and down the cord. The ball can be made to fall down the cord, but then stop on the magician's command. It can even become an "answering device" so-to-speak, stopping only once as it falls down the cord to answer yes, or stopping twice as it falls to answer no. This simple easy-to-do magic trick is overlooked by magicians, but it is a trick that can easily be carried in the pocket and is always ready to perform. There is no set-up and the secret is self contained. 001CBM


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