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This is beyond a doubt one of the most popular Gospel effects in magic. The magician shows a sign with an arrow on it. The sign is twirled between the fingers to show the front and back of the card, and to show the arrow is pointing to the performer’s right. The card is once again flipped over and now the arrow points up! Twirl the card again and the arrow points to the left. Another twirl, and the arrow points downward. One last flip over of the card, and it once again points to the performer’s right on both sides! 


But that’s not all, the card opens up sort of like a book, and there is a picture of a world map. The sign opens up and it shows a “One Way” sign. It is opened again and the sign now reads Jesus’ profound statement, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the father except by me.”


This effect is powerful. It packs flat and there is absolutely no re-set required to perform the effect again for the next audience. Made out of sturdy board, this effect is a classic. 001NBMGOSPELONEWAY


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