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The magician displays a deck of cards and asks a spectator think of his favorite card. The magician states that he will “name the spectator’s card.” After a moment of reflection, the magician declares, “The name of your card is Phil!” The spectators are not that impressed of course. At best it is only a funny joke. The magician then asks the spectator to speak out loud and tell the audience the card he is thinking of. The magician then removes that card from the deck and sets it on display. He then turns the deck over and begins to show the audience that the cards all have various names on cards, one name per card, such as Bill, Jane, Mike, etc. The magician then turns the spectator’s card over and printed boldly on the back is the name PHIL! This great plot was probably invented by Fred Lowe (Christened Reverse) and reformatted by Max Maven and Trevor Duffy. There are no forces, sleight-of-hand, and the trick is instantly reset for your next performance. This is an incredible trick is simply amazing. 0021RUMPHIL


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