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Leave it to Tom Burgoon to come up with one of the most diabolical pickpocket routines ever! The Power Pickpocket gives the illusion of the magician stealing a victim's wallet right in front of the audience! The magician can look through the wallet, examine the insides, and then return it without the victim ever noticing. Believe it or not, it requires absolutely no pick pocketing skill whatsoever! So what’s the secret? Ok, we’ll let you in. The wallet is fake. It is a very special ultra-soft foam wallet that can be crumpled easily in the hand and then easily manipulated. All the magician has to do is to reach behind a spectator with the crumbled wallet in his hand, allow allow it to expand, and then bring it like he has lifted the wallet from the spectator. The magician “puts the wallet” back by using the same movements in reverse. The wallet holds numerous credit cards and it looks real only a few feet away! Thank you Tom Burgooon!006NUFGO01170


SKU: 006NUFGO01170
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