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The performer displays a simple bi-fold folder made of board. The folder is closed and then when reopened, one or more spring flowers appear! The flowers are removed, the wallet is closed, and then when it is reopened again, one of more flowers once again appear! This can be repeated several times. Each time it is as if the flowers somehow “melt into existence” out of the black folder board!


Also it is not just for flowers. Spring bills (money) or regular money  can be produced as well! The magician can also produce a selected card, or it can be used to produce, vanish or exchange any small flat items such as silk hanks, cards, currency, predictions, etc. 


The folder is very easy to do and can be performed by children or adults. It works on a most ingenious topological principal where even you as the performer will be baffled! This is great magic for the stage or close-up. When closed the folder measures about 9.25 x 7.25 inches. Supplied with the folder are several special mylar spring flowers and easy to follow instructions. 5121CBMFLOWERWALLET


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