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During performance, the magician notices a piece of rope hanging out of his left coat sleeve. The magician starts pulling the rope out of his sleeve until there is a large coil of rope on the floor. Suddenly the rope seems to get stuck. The magician then notices the other end of rope hanging out of the left pants leg! The magician begins pulling this end of the rope. The rope goes back up the left coat sleeve and is pulled out of the left pants leg until once again there is a pile of rope on the floor! However the rope seems to get stuck and the magician now notices an end of rope coming out of his right pants leg! The magicain starts pulling this end of the rope. Once again the rope pile goes back up off the floor, up the left pants leg, and out of the right pants leg. Once again the rope seems to get stuck! One more final yank and out comes a pair of boxer shorts tied to the end of the rope! This manuscript will show how to make, prepare, and perform this classic of magic. All is needed is a hank of rope, a pair of boxers, and these illustrated instructions!  001CBMPROFCHEERSROPE


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