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Way back in the 1970’s, Bill Adams of World of Magic in Utah took the magic world by a storm with the introduction of his Profold Table. Now deceased, Bill was a very talented magician and wood craftsman. His table design is a much simpler variation of the Robert Harbin style of pop-up table. The Profold Table when extended is about 32” tall, which is just about the right for magic purposes. Folded, the table (and thus the tabletop surface) measures about 21 x 15-1/2 inches, with a thickness of about 2-1/4" inches.


The table is spring loaded to pop open instantly (in less than two seconds) and can provide a very nice entertainment moment when set up during a show. Just as easily, the table can be collapsed during the show as well. It only takes another two seconds. Folks, this table is really cool. It is well-made out of the finest 3/8" birch luan and professionally spray painted. As per the photo, the tables currently come in four colors. Please note that only the yellow table has the pinstriping detail. We were only able to acquire six of these tables. We quickly sold two of them and only have five left. We will delete tables (colors) from our website as tables are sold and become unavailable.  001CBMPROFOLD


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