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The Six Card Repeat trick is an excellent piece of magic. Traditionally however, there is no built-in climax to the routine. Meir Yedid has solved this problem with this wonderful mechanical repeat routine using currency instead of playing cards. This makes the plot logical, self-working, and provides a powerful "applause cue" that comes with the instant transformation of the last bill into a giant sized stage bill, a trick in and of itself called “Instant Inflation.” This big finale also serves as the secret gimmick for the entire routine! This is brilliant in and of itself.


The basic routine involves five one-dollar bills which are cleanly counted and displayed. The magician then cleanly removes one of the bills and puts it away. But when the magician counts the remaining bills, the magician still has five bills! This is repeated several times with the finale to visually transform the last bill into the giant five-dollar bill.


The trick is completely self-contained, packs small (fits in a wallet or envelope), is always ready to perform, and is ideal for stage and platform shows for adults or children. Note that there is some preparation that must be done before the first performance using real US one dollar bills (not provided of course), but this is easily prepared and is clearly explained in the online video tutorial. This is a great trick for an inexpensive price. 0081RUMPROGRESBILLS


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