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The magician shows five solid wooden disks. Each disk is painted a different color. Also a beautiful natural finish wooden cylindrical container with lid just large enough to hold the disks is displayed. If desired, the disks and container can be thoroughly examined by an audience member. Both the disks and container have a hole running through their middle.


A spectator freely chooses one of the five disks. The disks are placed into the container and the container is closed with its lid. The magician passes a ribbon, small magic wand, straw or other similar item (not included) through the container and disks. When the magician opens the two halves of the container, the spectator’s chosen disk has penetrated through the object that was threaded through it and the chosen disk falls loose, separate from the threaded container and other four disks!


Unfortunately this finely made piece of wooden magic has been discontinued by the manufacturer and we only have one left in stock. Once it is sold, we will remove this item from our Illusion Warehouse website. Get it while you can!  0002KAMPSYESCAPEJUMBO


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