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This is beyond a doubt one of the finest silk hank reels that has been released to the magic fraternity since the famous Paul Diamond Reel, which hasn't been available for many years. This inexpensive brass reel has smooth action to allow thread to be easily and quietly pulled from the housing, and yet be quickly retracted back into the housing by releasing tension on the thread. This makes the Serpentine Silk handling and the classic penetration of a silk handkerchief through an upright such as a rod, mic stand, broom stick, cane, rope, etc, a cinch.


As a bonus, the purchase comes with a copy of the book REELS edited by the late Leo Behnke. The great paperback book covers the basic handling of the reel and explains the serpent silk, jumping silk, vanishing knot, penetrable silk, various silk changes, rising cards, jumping ring, and much more! If you need a reel, spend the few extra dollars and buy this set while it is available. 0021RUMBRASSREEL_JUMBO


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