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The magician displays two beautifully spun metal bowls. Rice from a third container is poured into one of the bowls until it heaps over. The magician takes a knife or chop stick and levels off the contents. The second empty bowl is placed downward mouth-to-mouth onto the bowl full of rice. The bowls are then inverted upside down and then right side up several times. When the upper bowl is lifted, the quantity of the rice in the bowls has doubled! All of the rice is then poured out of the two bowls and the empty bowls are once again placed mouth-to-mouth. After a brief moment, the bowls are again separated, and the bowls are full of water!


Know that the at the beginning of the trick, the audience can look directly into the bowls to see that they are empty. There are no plastic discs or rubber covers used. For the climax of the water appearance, the bowls fill with water using a lota bowl type principle. The outfit comes with two stacking metal bowls and a third bowl to contain the rice. Add an ordinary cafeteria tray to accept the rice spillage, and this becomes an incredible effect that always astounds audiences. Made of spun aluminum with a satin finish, each bowl is painted flat black on the inside. 001CBMRICEBOWLS


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