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The magician displays a small compression spring with a car key type ring threaded in the middle. A spectator can carefully examine the ring and spring and verify that indeed the ring is threaded on the spring. Mysteriously, the magician places his hand over the ring and spring, and pulls the ring completely off the spring! The penetration is quick and startling! The magician then explains how the mystery is really an illusion, and proceeds to place the ring over the spring and drop it in place. Suddently the ring is once again completely THREADED onto the spring! The penetration of the ring back on the spring is as startling as it was when the ring was at first pulled off. This is a great little pocket trick, easy to do, and is as amazing to watch as it is to perform. Comes complete with ring, spring, and complete instructions. 522NUFRY00150


SKU: 522NUFRY00150
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