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An upright stand with a square removable stock is displayed. Attached to the side of the stand is a piece of polished chrome metal pipe. The magician removes the pipe from the stand and demonstrates how it can be pushed all the way through the square stock. It is clear that when the stock is positioned around a person, the pipe cannot be run through the stock at the same time. The hollow pipe at this point is fully examinable.


The square stock is hinged opened and clamped around the magician's assistant or a volunteer from the audience. Next the steel pipe is thrust through the stock and seemingly through the volunteer. The pipe protrudes from each side of the stock. Water can be poured through the tubing, and smoke can be blown through it as well, to prove that there is continuous space through the pipe. The rod pipe is withdrawn from the stock, and the stock is removed from the unharmed volunteer.


This classic illusion features a unique design to make it fresh and new. The platform, rack upright poles, and stock are all made of the finest luan and laminated with wood-grained Formica type laminate. A special mechanism is built into the side of one of the uprights to facilitate how the pipe can be examined. This is a great illusion that is seldom seen in magic.


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