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The Card Box magic trick has been around for a long time. Typically boxes are rectangular in shape and about the size of a pack of cards. But in this day and age where magicians tend to emphasize everyday objects, what the heck is a Card Box other than some type of tricked box that is used by magicians? We are proud to introduce this Round Card Box that is a lot less suspicious in appearance. After all, what is more ordinary than two wooden bowls? These bowls will do everything the traditional card box will do, including vanishes, appearances, and transformation of anything flat that will fit in the box. This includes paper currency, playing cards, slips of paper, stamps, cash register receipts, lottery tickets, or anything else that is flat and will fit between these two bowls. And the best part? These bowls feature a magnet locking flap, very similar to the old magnetic locking slates. This means that a spectator can open the two inverted bowls and everything is examinable! Also the beauty of these finely turned hardwood bowls is exquisite. The craftsmanship and quality is simply gorgeous. Get this wonderful multi-use magic prop while you can. We only have a few left in stock. 9671RAHROUNDCARDBOX


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