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The magician displays a beautifully decorated “brick wall.” On each end of the wall is a door. One of the doors are opened and the magician places a cut-out rabbit inside. As the door is closed, the magician asks the audience to remember where he put the rabbit. As he is talking, the audience sees the rabbit run to the other end of the wall. Of course when the children shout the rabbit is at the other end and right before the magician opens the other end door, the audience sees the rabbit run back behind the first door where he was in the beginning. 

Wherever the children shout to get the magician’s attention and right before the magician looks where the children are pointing, the rabbit dashes to the other end! This comical byplay continues and children in the audience become unglued! At one point, the rabbit even peeks from the end of the brick wall! Finally both ends of the doors are opened and the rabbit has vanished completely. He is finally located pinned to the magician’s back or other location.

In 1939 Englishman Harry Leat invented this trick, which has become one of the best and most enduring children’s effects of all time. There have been many different makes and models of this classic effect. Long out of stock, the Illusion Warehouse has been able to acquire one of the best models made almost entirely out of metal. The silk screen artwork is beautiful and the action is clean and smooth. We do emphasize that we only have one of these in stock. After it is sold, this item will be removed from our website until such a time as the item becomes available once again from our supplier. 001CBMRUNRABBIT


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