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The folding coin was first introduced into the literature of magic by Professor Hoffmann in the late 1800s. Since that time, magicians have been coming up with diverse ways to perform the classic Coin in Bottle, the effect for which the gimmick was first invented. Since then, many other novel uses for this dynamic coin have been introduced to the magic community.


David Roth begins with the biting a coin routine. Following that are five different approaches to the Coin in Bottle with Johnny Thompson performing and teaching one of his "pet tricks." Then, one of the world's great bar magicians Karl Norman demonstrates his fine touches on the trick.


David Roth is up next with an adaptation with a truly bizarre finish and also imparts some important information on the care and handling of folding coins. Then Michael Ammar teaches his reputation-making versions that features a squeaky-clean way of getting into the trick and, in the stage version, a similarly clean finish. To round out the set, David Roth finishes up with two completely different ways to use the folding coin, first as a way of magically producing coins in the hand and secondly, as a method for performing the classic Coins Through Table so that the coins apparently visibly vanish into the surface of the table. 001CBMFOLDINGCOINDVD


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