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The magician displays a deck of poker Bicycle cards and thumbs through them to show various cards. A spectator chooses a card and the card is shown to the audience. The card is returned to the deck and the deck is cut several times to mix the card into the deck.


The magician then retrieves a make-believe gun (fingers of one hand mimicking a “gun”). The magician or the spectator “fires the gun” at the deck. When the cards are spread out, one card, the spectator’s chosen card, has a distinctive “bullet hole” shot right through it!


This is an easy-to-do magic trick that is a lot of fun. Come up with some terrible one-liners and comedy jokes, and this great routine can become a highlight of your close-up or stand-up repertoire. Comes complete with a deck of cards and full instructions. Gun not included. Duh!  001CBMSHARPSHOOTER


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