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The magician displays a beautiful chrome polished metal box. Both the back, front and top of the box can be opened to show the box’s emptiness. The Wonder Box is closed, and the box can be rotated to show all sides. The magician then opens the lid and proceeds to produce silk hanks, ribbons, mouth coils, sponge balls, and the like! The box can also be used to vanish similar small items. The item is simply placed into the box through the open lid and then a moment later the box is shown completely empty. There are no mirrors, false bottoms, hollow sides, clips, threads, back palming, fakes, or body loads. This is a beautifully hand made metal box that will last for many years with simple care. Use any production or vanish items that will fit in the load chamber. The Silk Wonder Box comes with complete instructions. 001CBMWONDERBOX


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