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The magician displays a finely crafted natural wood finish box. The box has hinged front and back doors, and a hinged lid. The doors are opened, and the audience can see that the box is completely empty. The doors are closed. In a magical moment, the lid is re-opened and the magician produces several large silk handkerchiefs from the box, or anything else that will fit the load area. It is hard to describe the beautiful craftsmanship of this finely made teak wooden box. The box is approximately 3.25” tall, 2.50” wide, and 2.5” deep. The Silk Wonder Box is a very old production box and is featured in the Tarbell Course in Magic. Many versions have been made of metal. Some have been finely crafted, while others have had poor quality and workmanship. Few Silk Wonder Boxes have been made of wood, and never has there been such a finely made wooden version in this price range. Get it while you can. We won’t be able to supply this item for long. 4621RAHSILKWONDERBOX


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