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The magician shows a pair of dice and begins to talk about the lingo used when people gamble by throwing dice. There is “box cars” (two sixes), “eighter from Decatur” (two eights), and of course “snake eyes” (two ones). After throwing the dice a couple of times and talking about the possibility of the thrower controlling the dice to the number when thrown, the magician asks a spectator to drop the dice one at a time in his cupped hands. The magician shakes the dice vigorously and commands box cars, and then eighter from Decatur, and then snake eyes. As the magician commands snake eyes, the spectators look into the cupped magician’s hands and suddenly a snake head pops out of the magician’s hand! The women will scream, and the men will jump back. This is fun that starts out with a pair of dice and always ends up with a big laugh! What more could one ask from comedy magic! Snake Eyes will be one of the most shocking effects a magician will ever perform. Always ready to go and easy to do. The perfect comedy effect for walk around or table-to-table magic. Do Snake Eyes and get the attention of everyone in the room! 027RUMSNAKEEYES_DICE


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