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Oh my gosh, this is beautifully made! This is a very old magical puzzle. It is a small conical-shaped wooden tube. It has a rubber band sticking out of one end. There is also a small plunger with a notch on its end. The idea is to insert the plunger into the conical tube and attach the plunger to the rubber band with the notch. The magician can do the puzzle with ease. The plunger snaps back into the tube without effort. However when a spectator tries, they find it impossible to engage the rubber band! This effect is comical and quite puzzling. This finely made version is turned out of teak wood and has a wonderful natural wood finish. It is also large in size, measuring about 4-3/4" long and about 3/4" in diameter. Also unlike other cheap plastic versions of the trick, the rubber band is exchangeable.  Honestly, this trick can't be made better. 001NUFSNAPPER


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