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A tall cylindrical prop is rolled onstage. Attached to the side of the illusion are ten metal circular disk blades. The front upper sections of the cylinder open like clamshells and the magician's lovely assistant enters the illusion. The illusion is closed.


With the crescendos of rhythmic music, beginning with the top blade, each of the ten blades are individually slung around the side axis point and into the upright cylinder containing the brave young maiden. In the audience's mind, at first it is a simple matter for the girl to progressively bend down into the lower chambers of the tubular upright to dodge the forthcoming blades. However as the progression continues, each of the remaining blades are consecutively swung around and into the tube.


Finally the last two blades are swung around the side axis point and into the vertical tube, the ten blades having now seemingly chopped the young lady into six equal pieces. There is no evident space left for the assistant, and due to the girl's size it is impossible for any one of the compartments to container her.


The climax is yet to come however, for suddenly the magician grabs hold of the top compartment and begins to move it forward and around the side axis point. Each compartment thereafter in progression moves around the axis until the final result is that the illusion looks similar to a spiral staircase! The procedure is reversed and the lovely assistant is none-the-less for her amazing experience!


This illusion updates the old Arturo's Cutting a Girl in Sixths effect.The illusion is made almost entirely of spun clear anodized aluminum with steel plated hinges and upright pole.  The illusion is a refreshingly new piece of illusion apparatus which requires only two persons to perform, the magician and the assistant. It is self-contained, may be performed virtually surrounded, and is critically acclaimed.


This illusion is also extremely rare. Only five of these props have ever  been manufactured. The fifth illusion pictured is in stock, crated, and ready for immediate shipment. Note that this is the final Spiral illusion we will build. After it is sold, there will be no more.

SPIRAL - $8500 (normally $12,500)

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