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After a short talk about the history of spiritualism, séances, and ghostly apparitions, the magician displays the cabinet as shown in the photos. He spins the cabinet completely around to show that there is nothing hidden in or around the prop. He places a tambourine and a bell inside the cabinet, and then covers the entire cabinet with a sheet. Suddenly the bell begins to clang and the tambourine begins to rattle. The magician quickly pulls the sheet away from the cabinet, and the tambourine and bell are lying motionless. He covers the cabinet once again, and the tambourine and bell come to life again. This time however, they come flying out of the illusion as if tossed out by some unseen spiritual apparition. The magician whips the cloth away, and there in the illusion is his lovely assistant!

This is no doubt one of most versatile and functional illusion props that has ever been available on the magic market. Look carefully at the photos, for they show not only the prop, but there is also a girl hidden somewhere. Can you see where she is? The principle of a "base upon a base" was created by the incredible illusion designer Alan Wakeling, and was used by John Gaughan in the creation of several early Mark Wilson illusions. It is no doubt one of the most deceptive illusion base designs ever innovated.


This great prop can be used for vanishes, appearances, and transformations. The upper cabinet can be used as a palanquin, sword box, or can be made into a squeeze box, shadow box, or other illusion where an incredibly deceptive base design is needed. The uses of this fantastic prop are limitless, and customization to change the prop into the effect you want is readily available.

SPIRIT BOX - $7500

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