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The magician displays a platform with an upright backboard and post. A stool is placed on the platform (not shown in the photo) and then a volunteer from the audience is invited on stage. The volunteer's hands are tied behind his back, and then he is coerced to sit on the stool. With an additional fifty-foot length of rope, the volunteer is tied to the backboard and post. A bucket containing a couple of aluminum pie plates are sat on the platform next to the encumbered volunteer. Additionally a tambourine and a bell are placed in the spectator's lap. Lastly the volunteer is blindfolded and a cloth tube the size of the platform is raised above the volunteer's head, the post, and backboard.


Suddenly the spooks come alive. The tambourine rattles and the bell rings. The curtain is quickly dropped and the volunteer is still tied and blindfolded as before. Once again the cloth is raised and the noise immediately starts again. Suddenly there is huge ruckus under the curtain as if someone or something is slapping the inside of the curtain. The pie plates come flying out of the top of the tubular curtain. Next the volunteer's shoes come flying out as well! When the curtain is dropped a second time, the volunteer is still securely tied, but this time his clothes are in disarray and the bucket is now covering his head! The restraints are loosened, the blindfold is removed, and the volunteer returns to his seat having endured his close encounter of the spiritual kind.


This Paul Osborne designed prop is exceedingly rare. In fact, the prop pictured was actually build for Paul and was used in many seasons in his theme park shows. It is a unique way of performing the famous "spirit cabinet" routine with a volunteer from the audience. The volunteer as well as the audience is completely unaware of how the apparent spook manifestations happen. This great prop is built out of the finest birch luan and covered with natural wood Formica type laminate. The base is covered with carpeting material, and the post is made to come off for packing.


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