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The magician displays a white sponge ball and transfers it from one hand to the other. When the hand that apparently has the ball is opened, the ball has disappeared! The magician reaches into his pocket and produces the missing ball! Once again, the magician apparently makes the ball disappear, but this time the magician makes a suspicious “ditch of the hand into the pocket” as the ball is apparently made to disappear. The audience is of course very suspicious. It’s in your pocket!” shout the kids. Sure enough the magician reaches into the pocket and removes the white sponge ball. One last time the magician apparently places the ball into the hand. When the hand is reopened, the ball has transformed into a cute white sponge bunny rabbit! This is a great little trick. It is small, easy to do, and can easily be carried in the pocket. Crafted from quality sponge, the 4” long rabbit is as cute as rabbits come. The trick is ideal for children’s shows, for close-up or platform presentation, and even for table hopping applications. 973RAHBALLTORABBIT


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