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The magician introduces his lovely assistant, but when he turns around, he realizes he forgot to "unpack her" prior to the show! Resting onstage are four boxes, one of which rests on a wheeled base. The magician stacks the boxes neatly one on top of another, opens the front doors of the boxes and his "hopefully not too angry" assistant walks forward!


This prop can lend itself to very wonderful comedic presentations. It is made from fine luan and covered with Formica type laminate. It is an easy illusion to perform, and due to the fact that the boxes stack and un-stack, the illusion is also relatively easy to transport. We also have available a version of the illusion as presented in Wally Reid's book MAGIC - ONSTAGE. In this version, the boxes are brought out on a platform type dolly. The boxes are stacked one on top of the other on the dolly, and the girl makes her appearance. The price is the same for either version.



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