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Although written a number of years ago by legendary Oklahoma magician Doug Anderson, this book is still considered the authoritative work on performing in theme and amusement parks. For magicians who would like to work at Six Flags parks, Disneyland, Universal Studios, and so forth, there is a wealth of knowledge in this hard-to-find book.   The book covers reasoning behind theme parks, how to choose a park, the “dirty truth about theme parks,” costumes, storyboards, interviews and auditions, stage lighting, audience considerations, the money issue, rehearsals and assistants, and many other topics. There are chapters by Whit Haydn, Bev Bergeron, Mark Young, Brian Gillis, Jerry Guyer, Tom Ogden, Keith Allen, Tom Mullica and others. We only have 2-3 copies left here at the Illusion Warehouse and all of them are brand new condition. CBM


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