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This is a brand new legendary J. T. Posey Humane Restraint company 8118 straitjacket. Formerly of Arcadia, California, Posey discontinued manufacturing straitjackets years ago. Posey jackets are the "cadillac" of straitjackets and are highly sought-after. And believe it or not, we still have one brand new Posey jacket in stock! And no, this is not the cheap imitation typically found on the Internet.


This is the large yellow neck band size. It is made out of heavy duty canvas and is not gimmicked. While once made for real populations requiring controlled ambulatory movement, the Illusion Warehouse supplies this device for entertainment purposes only. Buyer and user beware. Instructions are not included. Since we only have one in stock, after it is sold, we will remove this from our website. Please remember that our price includes shipping in the USA. 001RHSTRAITJACKET


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