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Three balls are displayed in a clear plastic tube. The balls are removed and a metal cover is placed over the clear tube. The balls are then dropped into the tube in the order of green first, then yellow, then red. When the metal tube is lifted however, the balls have changed places! This is repeated a second time with similar results! Finally the clear tube is covered with the metal tube, the green ball dropped in and then the yellow ball. The red ball is placed into an ornate wooden cabinet. The ball suddenly vanishes from the cabinet and when the metal tube is lifted to reveal the balls, the red ball is back in the clear tube on top of the yellow and green balls!  Well-made, simple, visual, easy-to-do magic that is great for the living room or the largest stage. 0058MM2521


SKU: 0058MM2521
$225.00 Regular Price
$195.00Sale Price
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