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This effect was made famous by Harry Houdini, an illusion he called Metamorphosis (means "change"). Also traditionally called a “Substitution trunk” (Sub Trunk for short), the magician displays a packing box style trunk. Volunteers from the audience can assist the magician by moving the trunk in place, opening the hinged lid, and giving the box a thorough inspection. Next the magician displays a pair of handcuffs or other wrist restraint device, and a large cloth bag.

The magician's assistant enters the trunk and then is handcuffed. Next she enters the bag and one of the volunteers tie the bag closed with a piece of rope. The assistant bends down inside the box, the lid is closed, and the trunk is locked. Lengths of rope can then be used to tie around the box in different directions to further make sure the lid can't easily be opened. Next the magician hops-up on top of the trunk and raises a tubular curtain. On the simple count of three, the curtain is dropped, and the assistant is now standing on top of the trunk! The trunk is opened, and the magician is found in the trunk and handcuffed inside the cloth bag.

Our Packing Box style trunk is made of the finest "double A" face birch luan and is finished with high quality clear spray lacquer. In fact many magicians use our trunks to transport other magic props they use in their act. The trunk is beautiful in appearance and looks like furniture. Also this illusion comes apart for packing and can be shipped via UPS. Note that the curtain, bag, and handcuffs are not supplied. These are additions that can be supplied for a reasonable price.


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