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This is a classic “The audience thinks they know what you are doing, but it turns out they are wrong” type of effect! The magician displays a hat or other type of container and places it mouth-up on the table. Next the magician displays a beautifully made box. The box has four doors and two compartments.


Inside one of the compartments is a giant die. The magician removes the die from the box and places it in the hat. The doors of the empty box are closed and the magician declares that the die will vanish from the hat and reappear in the box. After a magical moment, the magician declares the transposition has happened.


However the magician does not show the die in the box by opening the doors, nor does he show the hat empty. Next the magician declares that the die will once again travel, this time from the box and back into the hat. The magician opens the doors, shows the box empty, and then removes the die from the hat. The audience grumbles however, because the transpositions are just not believable without some kind of proof!


The magician declares he will do the trick again. He places the die into the box and closes the doors. Once again he gives it a magical moment and declares the die has now vanished from the box and has traveled into the hat. This time to prove the transition, the magician turns the box around and opens the top and bottom doors of one of the sides to show the die has vanished. The problem is that the magician has opened the doors of the opposite side of the box! The audience grumbles once again!


“No problem” states the magician. The performer then tilts the box and the audience hears a noticeable “thud.” The magician opens the opposite doors of the box and indeed the box is empty. Of course the audience thinks the die simply slid from one compartment to the other. Children are vocal because they think they have caught the magician.


The magician once again closes the doors, tilts the box the opposite direction, and the notable thud is heard again. The magician opens the other set of doors to prove the box is empty. This byplay is repeated a couple of times. The audience is sure the die is sliding from one side of the box to the other.  They have the magician “on the run!” Finally the magician opens all the doors of the box and shows the box empty. Indeed the die has vanished. The magician then produces the die from the hat!


This die box is sturdily made and beautifully finished in high gloss paint. The die is large and is easily seen. Please note that sometimes the colors of the boxes vary.  Please contact the Illusion Warehouse for a description of the latest version available. 001CBMSLIDINGDIEBOX


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