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The Switch Can is a utility prop that enables the magician to produce, vanish, or exchange small items, silk hanks, billets, and so forth. Confetti can be made to turn into spring flowers. Smaller silk hanks can be made to blend into one large multicolored silk hank. Cut up pieces of ribbon, drop them into the cannister, put on the lid, and when reopened, the ribbon is restored! Knots can be made to appear or disappear from a piece of rope. 


A number of spectators can drop small, folded pieces of paper into the can. The lid is replaced to shake the can and mix-up the billets. The billet the spectator then brings out of the cannister matches the magician’s prediction! The magician can place a few kernels of popping corn into the can. The can is shaken and when reopened, the popcorn has popped! 


The can is made of heavy gauge metal and is tastefully painted red with an outside gold speckle. The can is supplied complete with instructions with many great ideas for use. 001CBMSWITCHCAN


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