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The magician displays an ornate cabinet resting on four legs. He opens the lid of the cabinet and the two front doors, so the audience can clearly see the emptiness of the cabinet's interior. The magician's lovely assistant enters the cabinet and the doors are closed. The magician then proceeds to thrust a polished aluminum spear down through the middle of the cabinet, followed by twelve gleaming swords through the top and sides of the cabinet. He then opens the front doors of the cabinet and the girl has vanished! The audience can still see the empty interior, but now with the array of criss-crossed swords. The girl is nowhere to be found. The doors are closed, the swords and spear are removed, the cabinet is opened, and once again there is the lovely maiden!

For over 15 years, Chadwick Illusion Fabrications was the manufacturer of the Walter Blaney Sword Cabinet that Walter called The Great Escape. This cabinet is similar in size, but the base has been radically redesigned to make it more deceptive. The cabinet features rigidity having been built out of half-inch birch luan, locking T-nuts, and metal trim. The entire unit rolls freely on its chrome ball castors, and the illusion comes completely apart for packing. The twelve gleaming polished aluminum swords and center spear are handmade, and each features anodized sword handle hilts. This illusion is quality through in and out, and is probably one of the finest proteus type sword cabinets on the market today. The photo above is but one of a multitude of different exterior decorations. Customers can specify any exterior design motif.


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