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A beautiful full-color miniature replica of India's famous Taj Mahal is wheeled out onstage. The magician opens the roof doors and his lovely assistant enters the cabinet. The doors are closed and then ten shiny polished swords are inserted into the cabinet, penetrating through the sides and roof. Two swords even penetrate out the back of the cabinet, and all has seemingly sealed the fate of the young lady.


The magician then opens the front doors of the illusion and the lady has vanished! Swords criss-cross about throughout the cabinet, but the lady herself is not seen. The cabinet is then wheeled completely around to show she is not hiding anywhere behind the prop. The magician removes the swords, opens the cabinet, and his assistant makes her appearance once again.


This is a modern update of a classic Abbott's illusion prop. Having its roots in Fred Culpit's Doll House illusion, it took the genius of the late Jack Gwynne to turn the prop into a sword cabinet. Originally named after Gwynne's wife Ann and called the Temple of Angee, this beautiful remake features wonderful improvements to make the illusion more deceptive than ever. The base is apparently wafer thin and features removable legs and an aluminum bottom for weight reduction and deceptiveness. The sides and roof of the prop are made out of the finest 3/8" luan and the entire upper body of the cabinet detaches from the base, comes apart, and can be stacked flat for transport.


This is a great illusion prop for the beginner as well as for the seasoned pro. It is built with old world pride and workmanship that will make any performer proud. 


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