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The (W)hole Thing is Daryl at his BEST! It is a great jumbo card effect that can be performed anytime in one’s show or as a stand-alone piece. The clever and humorous scripting makes the play on words routine fun for the entire family. Best of all, the routine packs flat and is instantly reset. Note also that this is the stage version, which makes the trick visible for small or large audiences.


The magician displays two HOLE cards and two WHOLE cards that magically transform into A SPOT card. Then a card has a WHOLE bunch of SPOTS, while one card is a spot that covers the whole card. Then there is the spot card with a hole. If that is not enough for you to see spots, for a surprising finish, the final card is turned around to reveal the word "HOLE" written across the WHOLE card!


The outfit comes with four specially printed and die cut cards, plus complete online Instructions complete with script, and a performance and explanation. 0081RUMTHEWHOLETHING_STG


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