Yep, that’s right. The trick is called “this.” We don’t know why either, but it is one of the most dynamic methods of producing objects from handkerchiefs ever invented. The magician shows three colorful handkerchiefs. For our current model, the hanks are pink, orange, and blue. Each one of the three hanks hang from the magician’s outstretched hand. One by one the magician pulls each colored hank from the hand and snaps it up and down to show its innocence as nothing more than a hank. The hanks are gathered together, the magician reaches inside, and a bottle of champagne is produced! Or a vase of flowers, or a colorful feather boquet, or anything else that is about the same height and diameter. This is an uncanny production. No steals are required, and the requires no inordinate misdirection for the production to occur. This is a great trick folks and a trick that will fool when performed up-close or on the largest stage. 9502RUMSILKPRODU